I had the great opportunity to work with Rajah Samaroo of Samaroo Studios on short film project titled THE LOVE LETTERS OF ULYSSES GRANT produced by Patricia Cameron.

“The Love Letters of Ulysses S. Grant” is a documentary detailing the life of our 18th president from the perspective of his romance with Julia Dent, a slaveowner’s daughter. Patricia Cameron spent 14 years researching their relationship, visiting the Library of Congress 7 times to study all 329 of Ulysses’ surviving love letters. Now, with everything from interviews with scholars to Grant Family descendants portraying their own ancestors, she’s bringing the passion of a seemingly-coldhearted military man to the screen.



This is a meditative journey about the meaning of life, in which man and woman look beyond eternity and perfection. How far can they reach go to achieve that endeavor?

  • Director: Malik Maliki
  • Cinematography: Rajah Samaroo
  • Stars: J.P. Valenti, Shea Whitehead
  • SoundMixer /Boom Operator: Orin Siliya

Renaissance City

In the gritty city of Providence, Rhode Island, a down-and-out teenager is lent a helping hand by a mysterious old man, who's true intentions are unclear.

  • Director: Jordan Lazieh
  • Cinematography: Rajah Samaroo
  • Assistant director: Orin Siliya
  • Boom Operator: Jared Mann

Average Man

What a privilege and an honor to record Live studio session performances by Gavin Castleton, both solo and with band..

  • Camera Operator: Orin Siliya